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Hi I’m Marc

Hope you enjoy what you hear and read within the Tech Whisperers world. Remember to check out our social media pages. 

Marc's Bio

Marc’s Bio: Guiding Parents through the Digital Age

Welcome! I’m Marc, a tech enthusiast and a parent just like you, navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape. With my two young lads (7 and 5), who’ve already dabbled in creating their YouTube gaming channel, I’ve realised the crucial role technology plays in our children’s lives. My mission? To demystify tech for parents, offering practical, relatable guidance.

My Tech Journey began in 1982 with a ZX Spectrum, sparking a lifelong passion. From a young IT enthusiast in ’96 to a seasoned professional in sectors like banking, media, and IT services, I’ve gathered a diverse tech knowledge. Whether it’s Mac, Windows, gaming consoles, or even Linux, I’m here to share insights and help.

Family Tech Adventures: As a dad competing in Mario Party or exploring Minecraft, I’ve seen how tech can be a bonding tool for families. I aim to help you and your children navigate the digital world safely and enjoyably.

Join Our Community: Your questions fuel our podcast! Engage with us on Twitter and Facebook. Your input shapes our discussions, ensuring we address your most pressing tech concerns.

Let’s Embark Together: Thank you for visiting our site and, hopefully, tuning into our podcast. Our goal is to empower you as a parent in the digital age. Technology is here to enhance, not complicate, our lives. Let’s explore the digital world confidently, ensuring our children’s safety online.

Cheers, Marc

Jonathans Bio



A portrait of a man with light skin and short-cropped graying hair, presenting a confident smile. He's wearing a dark suit and tie. The image has been edited to be black and white, with the exception of the vibrant, abstract geometric shapes and lines in the background, which are in full color, creating a contrast between the subject and the backdrop.

Hi I’m Jonathan

I'm here to keep it all ontrack. Get in touch we need your input to make this work